Books can be sent in the following ways:

In India

A. By Registered Post: For purchase of books worth Rs.100.00 above, shipping     & delivery is totally free. Books will reach the destination within 7-10 days.
B. By Courier Service: For purchase of books worth Rs.100.00 above, purchaser      has to pay 10% extra. An other words, for every purchase worth Rs. 100.00,      Rs. 10.00 will be added. e.g. Rs. 100 > Rs. 110.00, Rs. 200.00 > 220.00 etc.
C. Home Delivery: Free Home Delivery in & around Kolkata for purchase of      books worth Rs.300.00 or above.

In Abroad

Books will be sent by Airmail or courier Service. The actual figure after addition of delivery charge can be arrived at after calculation of weight of the books. Patra Bharati will apprise the purchaser the total valuation within 48 business hours.